Below are some testimonials from some of Jan’s past satisfied customers.

I just want to pass on that the communication seminar St. Louis on 27-28 July was truly one of the best presentations that I have been to in a long time.  I am in my 46th year working for the Department of Defense, and I have had the opportunity to attend many seminars which include such presenters as Steven Covey and William Edwards Deming.  Jan Johnson ranks with the best! What was most capturing was her sincerity.

I’ve been to presentations, where the lecturer begins with their resume of accomplishment to prove that they are qualified to speak. They boast that they helped several Fortune 500 Companies rectify all type of “personnel” problems. Jan Johnson merely began her instruction, and after a few minutes you knew she was the “real deal”. Thanks For The Privilege Of Meeting You.

Frank J. Longo
St. Louis


I wanted to let you know I thought you did a wonderful job with the seminar. I was glad I was in attendance! I learned a lot and look forward to coming to more of yours you put on!

Mike Thompson


Jan, just wanted to thank you for the great job you did last week on the communication seminar. I truly enjoyed it. You really know how to keep your audience involved and I loved your real life stories you add and the group involvement.

Karen Craig
Lexington Clinic


I attended your communication seminar in Madison on December 11-12. I just wanted to let you know that it was a wonderful seminar and I learned so much in two days. I have tried some of the skills I learned from you and it really works. You are an awesome instructor and I would absolutely recommend one of your seminars! Thank you so much-you’re great.

Jo Jean Murphy
Murphy Desmond


Jan is a marvelous teacher and mentor. From the stage, she assumes a very strong presence coupled with an ability to make the listener feel at ease as if she was simply sitting beside them and having a normal everyday conversation. She has learned the talent of bringing her audience into an easy learning and memorable experience. She displays the skill of wrapping her info in a professional manner often using humor to drive home a point. She also cares about you and makes it easy to accept her as a friend you haven’t met yet. What an incredible mentor, teacher and speaker.

B & G Enterprises


I have known Janet Johnson for several years. When she joined our Toastmasters club, her natural ability was very apparent. During the years Jan has been in our club she has held several leadership roles including president of our club. She is an Area Governor and very active in organizing our conferences.

Jan has grown by leaps and bounds. She is a natural leader with warmth and magnetism. It is an honor to call her my friend and I admire her talent.


Geraldine M. Libby

Jan Johnson is a captivating and entertaining speaker. She sticks to the topic, is organized and easy to follow and always makes her presentations fun. Her posturing makes everyone in the audience feel like family.

Andy Antonczyk

Our Toastmasters public speaking club has some of the best speakers I’ve ever seen or heard. From this select group of speakers, Jan is one of our best. Every time she speaks, everyone sits at attention and listens intently. She has such great enthusiasm and passion when she speaks, that whatever the subject is, you become interested. Jan is also very dedicated to improving her speaking skills. She constantly takes notes throughout our meetings and takes advice to heart, always striving for improvement and never settling for “good enough”. She is already an excellent speaker, and definitely a rising star.

Bob Chikos,
Daniel Wright Toastmasters Club
Gurnee, IL


I have known Janet Johnson for many years and have been in her company while she trained for Herbalife International. Her presence on stage was always very motivating, exciting and she spoke from her heart because of the conviction she had to the product and material she was training on. I have always admired her terrific ability on stage and the calmness she projects as she delivers her message. Her perseverance to accomplish her goals and dreams are to be totally admired and respected.

Terry Shebenik

My name is Pamela W. of Pleasureville, Kentucky. Jan was my great mentor, long before I got to meet her personally. I am retired now but as I was able to see her train on stage and make everyone feel that she was successful and JUST LIKE THEM! Then her ability to convey systems and techniques with simplicity and most of all humor. Everyone with the drive, I know went a step further on the ladder of their success. Personally, I have gone from first sitting in a large group to being privileged to sit in smaller groups in front of Jan. My income went from $2000.00 per month to $12000.00 per month. If you are privileged enough to have Jan on your team, be grateful. The universe hears her.

Success to all,

I want to offer my thoughts on the impact that Jan had on me personally and many others around me.

I was lucky enough to have been involved in an organization of people who were building a business from home. Jan was a leader of leaders. She was always the one who got the job done, but more than that, she was such a gifted speaker that we eagerly awaited her time to speak. When Jan spoke everyone stayed in their seats and listened with great concentration. Jan was able to make things seem simple, and there was a process that you could follow, and you knew that you could do it too, because Jan made it seem possible for everyone.

Today, I work from home in a business that I love and the guidance and lessons I learned from Jan are still guiding me.

Erin C.

I was a participant in the Managing the Front Desk Seminar presented by Jan Johnson in San Francisco in February 2007.

Jan is a dynamic and warm personality. She gave us a lot of good information and presented it with charisma. I was tired from the night before but found I HAD to stay alert as not to miss a shred of the positive energy she was sharing. Her personal anecdotes enhanced the overall positive message.

I have manned a “Front Desk” position successfully for 15+ years and I came away with some valuable lessons; some fundamental elements of the golden rule that we let slip away a little that we shouldn’t. Jan gave some inspiring tips and stories illuminating how we do that and how we can change it!

No matter what her topic, I believe she would present well!

She is Tops in my book!

Dottie lawyers

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