Healthcare Customer Service

Patients, family members or residents need people who will greet them pleasantly, patiently and answer their questions.  This training program is fine tuned for the Healthcare Industry on “How to Give Extraordinary Customer Service” to patients, their families and support staff.  This can be a stressful environment as you often times see people at their worst.  You maybe dealing with:

  • Patients who don’t feel well and maybe uncooperative
  • Family Members who are worried and impatient wanting quick answers
  • Support Staff that create a difficult working environment


To improve your skills, the following techniques are offered in this training program.  You will learn:

  • How to Communicate Precisely and Clearly
  • How to Handle Difficult Situation With Tact and Skill
  • Planning and Scheduling Tricks that Make Your Job Easier
  • The Art of Negotiations with Vendors, Staff and Clients/Patients
  • How to Survive Change Without Undo Stress
  • 4 Simple Steps to be a Great Problem Solver
  • How to Respond Calmly Under Pressure



It’s not what you did

It’s not what you said

But rather, It’s how you made me feel.




  • Nursing Home Staff
  • Nurses and CNA”S
  • Hospice Support Staff
  • Physicians
  • Technicians
  • Management  and Staff

Numerous other programs/seminars and workshops are available that focus on:  Techniques You Should Know to Get a Promotion, Telephone Skills All Employees Need to Master and  How to Handle Office Politics and Problem Employees.

Contact Jan about any of her corporate training services or upcoming events by  clicking here.  If your event is soon approaching please call 800-332-1924.

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