Developing Powerful Leadership Skills

Learning how to supervise people is a crucial skill that every manager and supervisor should have. Yet, many business people in positions of authority don’t have that skill, which results in underachieving employees.

  • Are you having difficulty resolving issues amongst co-workers?
  • Need help encouraging your team  members to spark results?
  • Do you feel as if your team does not respect you…what’s the missing link?
  • Are you a control freak…need to learn to delegate?
  • Are you a manager or a LEADER??
  • Is your team invested in goal oriented projects?
  • Do you need to fine tune your leadership skills?

This seminar is designed to help those who are in a position of leadership, to create better results,           by learning:

  • How to Resolve Common Employee Differences
  • Necessary Skills for For First-Time Managers
  • How and When to Delegate to Employees
  • Necessary Strategies to Become a Strong Leaders
  • How to Speak so They Listen…And Listen When They Speak
  • Tips for Hiring and Training the Right Person for the Position
  • To Understand Different Employee Personalities and Working Styles
  • How to Set Goals and Empower Your Team

By Attending This Seminar You Will Enhance Your Ability to:

Resolve Conflicts, Support Team Members, Achieve Goals, Fix Shortcomings, Build Trust, Reward Success and so much more….

Many other programs/seminars and training workshops are available that focus on:                                     How to Manage Your Time More Effectively and Efficiently, How to Create Strong Frontline Ambassadors, How to Design a Life with Balance and How to Effectively Coach and Build a Team.

Contact Jan about any of her corporate training services or upcoming events by  clicking here.  If your event is soon approaching please call 800-332-1924.

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