Communication Skills for Women

Women business owners, managers and staff members may have trouble communicating with each other:

  • Are you confident in confronting co-workers when there is a problem?
  • Is  your direct report intimidating…does not listen?
  • Are the ideas that you present heard or implemented?
  • Are you being taken seriously?
  • Do you have a problem controlling your emotions when being confronted?
  • Do you have difficulties setting boundaries with co-workers?
  • Are you confident in speaking up at meetings or presenting in front of co-workers?

There are a variety of reasons for these problems ranging from being afraid to speak in front of a group to confronting an employee who is not doing a good job or completing their tasks.  Jan helps women learn to speak up with confidence and clarity.


This seminar training includes:

  • Learning How to Speak with Clarity and Confidence
  • How Your Body Language Can Interfere with What You Say
  • Speaking Differences Between Genders and Generations
  • How to Control Your Emotions While Confronting Others and Accepting Criticism
  • How to Say No Without Offending Others
  • How to Organize a Dynamic Presentation
  • Tips For Getting Over Stage Fright

Many other programs/seminars and training workshops are available that focus on: How to Manage Your Time Effectively and Accomplish More, How to Handle Difficult Situations and Difficult People, How to Design a Life with Balance and How to Develop Leadership Skills That Work.

Contact Jan about any of her corporate training services or upcoming events by  clicking here.  If your event is soon approaching please call 800-332-1924.

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