For most of us our philosophy is the foundation of our decision making process. It is the basis of what’s right and wrong for each of us, of what  works and doesn’t work.  Sometimes our philosophy changes and is most often based on our personal experiences, our education, our values, biases, prejudices and our accumulated wisdom.  Our parents, teachers and who we hang around with all influence our philosophy.  I was raised by working parents who had a strong belief in a hard work ethic and believe those who do the work deserve the pay.  My mentor Jim Rohn, taught me that life doesn’t cater to need, it caters to deserve.  Life doesn’t care about what we need…it rewards according to deserve.  To deserve more in life we must work to get better at our talents.

I believe we are all blessed with certain talents and specific desires.  When we bring those desires and talents to the market place we deserve the pay, promotions and recognitions.

This philosophy also ties in with how we get paid in the market place.  We often think we get paid by the hour or the salary, however, the truth of the matter is we get paid for the value we bring to the market place which links back to our philosophy.  So in essence if we want to increase our pay, get a promotion or get more recognition we must increase our value.  What is wonderful about philosophy is we can always change it so we can get better at our talents and increase our values.

How?…through reading books, taking the classes, attending the seminars, listening to our mentors and through personal practices we can increase our personal values.

The value I bring to my seminars is informational processes that create better results.  We discuss different ways of approaching the same issues so we can find distinct ways of improving our processes which creates better results.

Thus……Janerating Results!

When you come to my seminars I want you to know the goal is that you are empowered with simple ideas that create outstanding results.  Now simple doesn’t always mean easy, for “if it is easy to do, it’s also easy not to do” Jim Rohn.  It will take personal responsibility to practice these simple ideas to create better habits-habits that create better outcomes- for you, your employer, your customers, family and friends.

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